2012 Right Around The Corner

HiFi in the snowOne thing that seems everyone agrees with is that the perception of time changes as you get older.  There’s actually a scientific explanation for it but, whatever, I’m getting older and the Summers are going by faster.  2011 was my second season of XC racing and it was over in a flash.  It was an odd season and I had planned to finish out the year at the Treasure Valley Rally in August.  When Hurricane Irene rolled through and the race was postponed to October my season was over as quick as it started.  September came and that means back to school for my son and hanging out in hockey rinks till April.  So how was 2011?

Let me begin by saying that making the jump from Novice to Sport is a significant one. Most recreational riders can show up and race novice without too much training.  Sport requires more of a solid commitment.  The added distance is probably the biggest adjustment to make.  I definitely had issues with cramps this season and my weak core really hurt me at a couple venues.  Overall I got in decent shape during the race season but it could have been better.  How did I do?  15th overall in Sport Veteran II in the NECS. Overall I am good with that.  My main goal with racing is keeping in decent shape and racing keeps my focus.

Keeping in shape is my main goal for 2012 as well.  With a demanding job, a family that includes a one year old and a working wife I know to keep my goals reasonable.  No dreams of breaking into the elite class any time soon.  For the next three months I’ll be working on strengthening my back and keeping my weight in check.  Last Winter i didn’t do anything and I played catch up all Spring.  I can’t fall into that again this season and expect to be ready to race this coming season.

One thing I always look forward to is being around my friends on the NEMBA racing team.  We all support each other and have fun racing, riding, hanging out and spreading the New England Mountain Biking Association gospel.

I’ll be on my Trek HiFi again in 2012.  It served me well last season, even in the deep mud at the Grind and Moody Park.  See you all again in April.

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  1. Mark

     /  January 2, 2012

    I just found your blog today. I like the layout. I always hated trying to regain ground after the winter. It’s too easy to get out of shape and too much work to get it back.

  2. Yup, I hate it!

  3. Dude! We’ve turned the corner. Let’s get some bloggage completed.


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